The proximity of an artificial grass factory is a very important factor when choosing a pavement for your garden or terrace.

Direct from the Artificial Turf Factory to your project.

We specialize in developing premium quality artificial grass mainly and in conjunction with the main manufacturers in Spain and Europe.

We offer the most select range of products and services on the market for residential applicationsThe company has a wide range of projects, including sports facilities, decoration projects, landscaping and golf courses.

We have a recognized trajectory of 12 years of experience in diverse areas related to the design, planning, execution and maintenance of green and sports areas with artificial grass.

Our alliances with synthetic turf manufacturers in Spain, FranceOur presence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany enables us to offer premium quality products to our customers.

As a consolidated company in the sector, our mission is to continue with the promotion and development of gardening projects, sustainable landscaping and green areas in general, using environmentally friendly, recycled and/or recyclable materials that help save and consume water or uncontrolled tree felling.

Why choose ALLGrass?

  • More than 12 years in the outdoor flooring sector.
  • Product quality guaranteed by manufacturers recognized worldwide as leaders in the sector.
  • Professional services with continuous improvement that are reflected in the trust that customers place in us year after year.

Products specially designed and manufactured for each application:

Our products are designed so that our customers have sustainable surfaces that last over time, becoming the most successful replicas of natural grass in its various applications; gardens, terraces, penthouses, paddle or football courts, golf courses or playgrounds.

Quality Control:

In keeping with our company policy, our products must be manufactured in the European Union. The main objective of this policy is to offer our customers safe, non-toxic materials that meet the qualities of durability and resistance that we guarantee.

Working with European manufacturing, allows us to know and control in detail the entire production process, materials and finish of our products, which is difficult to do when it comes to products from Asian countries, whose quality control and after-sales guarantees are severely questioned in the industry.


We turn your project into reality

Philosophy and vocation for Customer Service:

We can boast that we are the reference specialists in the industry, our experience allows us to advise and guide our clients by consistently hitting on what type of The floor is suitable for covering the surface that's going to be modified.

Warranty and Support:

Tarkett is one of the world's largest manufacturers of different types of flooring, with over 2.1 billion annual sales, recognized as the main brands of which we are local distributors.

Being distributors of this and other factories of similar size in Europe, allows us to access top quality products, have the support and guarantee of these giants in the industry and bring it to our customers.

Design and Landscaping

We offer complementary advisory services in comprehensive reforms of exterior and landscaping. In addition, we have a variety of products and decorative accessories for the integral construction of gardens, terraces or golf courses. We have the capacity to design, manage and renovate a green area or environment that includes:

  • the supply and planting of ornamental vegetation with a varied selection of plants, shrubs and flowers at very competitive prices
  • Supply, installation and repair of irrigation systems.
  • Construction and layout of drains.
  • Supply and placement of decorative elements such as exotic stones, arids and sands.
  • Supply and installation of wooden, pvc or corten steel kerbs
  • Supply of exterior cladding such as synthetic fences, natural wood fences or synthetic facade cladding.
  • Construction of fountains or planters on site.
  • Pruning and trimming at height.
  • Phytosanitary treatments
  • Cleaning of plots and general cleaning of communities.
  • Supply and installation of natural grass

Is it time for a substantial improvement in your family's quality of life?

  • More rest and less worry
  • More enjoyment of free time
  • Water saving
  • Saving of own resources
  • Saving on maintenance
  • Depreciation less than 4 years.

Clients who have trusted us to carry out their projects