Add these fabulous complements to condition and decorate gardens and terraces to your artificial turf order

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Corten Steel for Gardens and Terraces

  • Ideal for the design of gardens and delimitation of the different zones or areas that make up a garden.
  • Custom made planters or flower pots.
  • Sources
  • Sculptures
  • Lattices.
  • Other decorative elements such as lighting beacons.



LOP louvres for decoration

The LOP Lattices are made of a semi-natural material that combines natural fibers and recycled materials from polymers.

  • Available in brown, green or white colors.
  • The frames are of the same material and color, they can be combined. E.g. white frame and brown lattice
  • Kit of brackets and standard spacers
  • Standard size of 1 x 2mts

Wicker LOP for Concealment

The LOP Wicker is a semi-natural material that combines natural fibers and recycled materials from polymers.

  • Available in brown, anthracite, green and beige colours.
  • Available in the following sizes: 0,9 x 3mts ; 1 x 3mts ; 1,5 x 3mts ; 1,8 x 3mts and 2 x 3mts.
  • Material, light and resistant
  • Natural look

Decorative stones and gravel for gardening

In decorative aggregates and gravels, we have several options for land preparation or garden decoration.

You can add pebbles or gravel of different colors, marble and volcanic species that provide a warm environment to the landscape.

You can also include slates, limestone, quartzite, marble or granite tiles to create steps or footprints from one site to another.


Façade coating

By installing this ventilated façade cladding, you gain a better air-conditioning of your house and save energy every month of the year.

  • Choose from various colours: brown, anthracite, grey, ivory and terracotta.
  • Choose from 2 finishes: smooth or imitation wood grain
  • Ask for minimum order quantities for this reference
  • We can manufacture custom lengths, up to 3mts in length.

Artificial Hedges

Among the main advantages are the saving of water and the proliferation of insects.

  • Available in various species such as liptus, boxwood, cypress, arceus nius.
  • The size of the tiles vary according to the plant model, 25 x 25cm or 50 x 50cm.
  • Ideal to combine with the LOP lattices.

Wooden sleepers and kerbs for garden decoration

Choose from different types of wooden slats and beams to place in the garden as gardeners, steps or to level slopes

Treated with an autoclave that prevents the attack of fungi and bacteria that affect wood exposed to the open air or buried.

Among the standard measures that we most often work with are

  • Sleepers 12 x 20 x 260cms or similar
  • Measures of the strips or kerbs 7 x 10 x 420cms or similar.