Lay artificial grass like a professional.

Add to your orders the Accessories For Installing Artificial Grass.

We put at your disposal the indispensable ones to install correctly both in gardens and terraces.

All the lawn accessories we have available are developed for professional use.

We have accessories for both above ground and concrete installation.

Our bonding strip has micro pores for better adhesion of the glue to the turf backing.

The staples are galvanized with a height of 17cm.

Professional bi-component glue is available in standard 5kgs pots and 10kgs for special orders for sports courts.

We have various types of silica sand and granule sizes for different applications in the industry.

Our drainage meshes or cushioning sheets are ideal for managing water and providing greater comfort when walking.

Complementary services.

In addition to Artificial Grass Installation Accessories, we have crane transportation services for some locations.

We serve you all the accessories as long as they are accompanied by the corresponding order of artificial turf.

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