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Design and construction of artificial turf golf courses

If the design of the golf course with synthetic turf includes fairways, roughs, antegreens and tees, it is possible to do it without any limitation. We have a wide variety of models of artificial turf with which to carry out the configuration of your project.

We know what we are talking about, we know this sport and we understand what players need to have a good time playing golf. It is as simple as getting the ball to roll well on the artificial turf, following the trajectory of the fall of the greens towards the hole, or, if a shot is executed looking for effect, the green "coaxes" the back-spin or effect of the golf ball.

A specific pavement for each type of field area.

This can only be achieved with a good quality of the types of artificial grass developed for golfHere are not worth cheap imitations or inventions such as adapting an artificial turf paddle for golf.

With ALLGrass, you get a Driving Range of fun synthetic grass, with course movements that blend in perfectly with the surroundings and make it very attractive, motivating players to practice before going out on the golf course.

Our artificial grass models are developed to withstand adverse weather conditions as well as all aspects of the game for at least 7 years, even longer life with very little maintenance.

With designs that take into account every architectural detail, there are few limits when it comes to designing a Pitch and Putt or Golf School with synthetic turf. We can carry out projects with movements and contours that, until today, would be unthinkable in a traditional golf course of small dimensions.

On the other hand, in the design area of ALLGrass, we propose a kind of Artificial Grass Driving Range that is fun and attractive for the players, with terrain movements that blend in perfectly with the surroundings. In addition, we suggest recreating the different distance targets with greens, bunkers and lakes with the types of coloured artificial grass that make a very attractive driving range, motivating players to practice and warm up before going out on the course.

Sustainable Golf Projects

ALLGrass as a design philosophy focuses on recreating Pitch and Putts, Golf Schools and Driving Range totally or partially with artificial grass, where the natural and the artificial could be integrated.

  • The aim will always be to devise a tidy, efficient and attractive environment that guarantees facilities in perfect conditions that offer a leisure option available to the whole community without any kind of distinctions.
  • We develop solutions that meet the needs of players, offering playing environments that challenge golfers and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • The exclusive system that integrates compact soils with special stabilizers such as Sportcrete or similar, a specific type of artificial turf for each area of the course and the cushioned bases for greens, make it possible for the golf course to have playing conditions that replicate those of a conventional course.

Golf and Pitch and Putt Schools

Our team has the ability to integrate high-value proposals in the design and implementation of construction of golf courses with synthetic turf.

Our offer includes a mouldable base of aggregates and aggregates with special granulometry, our best artificial grass products special for greens and other areas of the course.

This integrated system guarantees the most authentic replica of the traditional game of golf. We develop facilities where you can enjoy golf while improving your short game techniques.

Sustainable Golf Courses

For ALLGrass, a golf project should not follow any pre-established design rules. Each site has its own particular characteristics, it is up to the professionals to know how to read and digest them to make the most of their potential and adapt the design to the environment in an exponential way.

Our concept of a new golf course must comply with some key variables: to be economical, unique, varied, environmentally friendly and sustainable, with the aim of creating unique golfing experiences!!!

We make sustainable designs by using materials and techniques that help considerably to save water consumption, maintaining the ideal conditions for the game.

We create courses in places where the project will be sustainable over time by increasing the design of the species of flora and fauna, optimizing the landscape of the environment where the golf course is located, we preserve, rescue and highlight the ecologically sensitive areas within the field through a thorough study of all environmental variables of each case.

Synthetic turf is ideal for areas where it may be difficult to maintain natural grass in good condition, such as tee lines and tee offs on par 3 or pitch and putt courses.

We develop the movements of cut and fill (shaping) in an efficient way, to create fields that integrate perfectly with the orography of the site while respecting the natural characteristics of the terrain, we design and build with strict criteria of sustainability and ecologically certified maintenance to preserve and ensure the future of the field.

artificial grass golf course
golf course with artificial grass

Integral services of consultancy and management of golf projects:

  • Market study and feasibility of the project
  • Proposed Master Plan including route card and plans usable for commercial purposes.
  • Design of the golf course and advice on licensing management, project registration and visas.
  • Clubhouse Design
  • Construction of the golf course by our own means
  • Water and irrigation management consultancy services
  • Advice on golf course operations and the acquisition of the most appropriate furniture, equipment and machinery for the sustainable maintenance of the facilities.
  • Marketing and PR consulting and training
  • Sustainability: creation of an environmental program for the development of the work and the management of the field.
  • Consultancy in the installation of the pro shop and the choice of the management software for the optimal exploitation of the installations.

Respect for the environment and the surroundings are our priorities:

  • Protect and enhance the flora, fauna and ecologically sensitive areas of the site.
  • Provide road corridors for the different species that coexist within the land.
  • Minimize the clearing of tree species and other native species.
  • Expand and encourage the planting of more species within the land.
  • Design and create golf courses with controlled use of water, less pesticides and herbicides.
  • Fertilization of the fields with organic products.
  • Protect, conserve and reuse the water of the complex through filtering techniques and sanitation of water resources.
  • Maximize water use efficiency through sustainable practices and techniques in water harvesting and reuse, promoting the use of grass species that can live with less water.
  • Employ all sustainable technology to highlight and achieve the objectives of these premises.