The latest generation of artificial turf for schools, kindergartens and children's playgrounds

New artificial grass system for playgrounds, safe and reliable.

Kids Play Grass is a special system that consists of synthetic grass on special elastic bases for build children's playgrounds safe and reliable.

Thanks to this composition, this system has been tested to withstand falls of up to 3.4 metres with a 7-year guarantee. Kids Play Grass is a safe, clean, resistant, aesthetic and ecological system.

  • Excellent permeability
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV rays.
  • Kids Play Grass is configured according to the maximum drop height of the game, currently the certification is up to 3,4 mts, then the thickness of the cushioning base is chosen.

The most suitable artificial grass for children.

The artificial grass for playgrounds by ALLGrass is designed for children's areas in schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, camp sites, etc.

This year 2017 we have the novelty of the artificial grass for children made with antibacterial and anti-static treatments.

This system is manufactured with lightweight materials, with excellent shock absorbing properties.

We have a wide variety of types of artificial grass and colors that adapt perfectly with the designs of the playground equipment.

synthetic grass for children's playgrounds

Foam-based system that cushions the impact of falls.

artificial grass system for playgrounds drainage

Artificial turf figures for playgrounds

figures of artificial grass for playgrounds


  • 1.5 x 2 metre sheets or similar.

  • In polyethylene agglomerate 20mm, 25mm, 35mm and 45mm thick.

  • In rolls of 10mm and 20mm ideal for nurseries and children's centers with games that do not exceed 1.3mts in height. Double function as draining and damping sheet. Available in our online store.


  • Maximum protection and comfort: specially designed elastic bases provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning values.

  • Proven performance: through various combinations of artificial turf with elastic underlays, falls of more than 3m can be protected (DIN EN 1177).

  • Durable performance and high impact resistance: the material remains stable even after heavy impacts.

  • Multi-layer lamination with constant characteristics is possible.


  • Recycled polyethylene foam: very low water absorption <5% Vol (ISO 2896). Avoiding freezing during winter, ensuring constant performance under all weather conditions.

  • Non-toxic foam and easy to recycle: environmentally friendly product.

  • A system with a more than reasonable price and that doubles the durability of other materials and pavements used for the same application.

  • No rotting or mould

Thicknesses adapted to the falls of the playground equipment in children's playgrounds

padded bases for playgrounds

Customize your playground with your own design and our artificial grass.

playgrounds with artificial grass