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Wide and select range of premium quality for gardening and landscaping projects
tarkett floors

Tarkett Floors is a brand with a long history in the manufacture of floor and wall tiles for homes and businesses.

We are authorized distributors from its range of Artificial grass for gardens & terracesThe Magnum model with antistatic and bactericidal treatments stands out.

Artificial Grass for Gardens and Terraces, Tarkett Experience

  • Unbeatable appearance of natural grass for your garden or terrace.
  • Advanced PPG technology in the production of artificial grass gardens. More efficient, cleaner and better quality yarns.
  • It maintains the natural ?counter-light? appearance compared to the ?whitish? glossy and synthetic appearance of other imported floors.
  • Less dependence on the orientation of the thread when installing the product, maintaining its green and natural aspect from the 4 possible sides of orientation.
  • Maximum resilience. Better and faster recovery to footprints and weight.
  • Longer lasting, maintaining the original look for longer.
  • Excellent level of softness, maintaining a pleasant touch.
  • Unbeatable resistance to "V" rays.

Enjoy the advantages of artificial turf with the best quality/price ratio that only ALLGrass can offer you.

Remember that we serve the entire European area in short time frames.

artificial grass for gardens and terraces
matt finish

The new polymers used in both the upright and the filling ripple yarn are MATT-finished polyethylene.

Professional installation services for your garden or terrace

Ask for installation services and get the best finishes with 4mts wide formats. We offer integral and personalized solutions in each project for the design, construction and conditioning of personalized gardens and terraces. We have more than 14 years of experience in the sector.

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professional artificial grass installers

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Artificial Grass for Gardens and Terraces, Express Services with Ali Grass

Now arrives renewed our range Eco with Ali Grass, conceived to be able to provide artificial grass Premium of express form and with a wide variety of unbeatable models.

They stand out for being softer, having more density and bringing a greater sense of naturalness and comfort to your garden or terrace.

An ideal solution to consider when thinking about how your garden will behave over time.

This can be your best experience when decorating and enjoying outdoor spaces.

Contact us for a quote on 2m or 4m wide pieces and receive them at home.

Natural Feel + Comfort Sensation + Resistance

With the quality of being 100% manufactured in Europe, they offer perfectly balanced surfaces, designed and developed under 3 fundamental pillars:

  • Naturalness
  • Sense of comfort.
  • More durable and resistant surfaces.

If you are thinking of decorating your garden or terrace and bringing naturalness to the surroundings, some of the outstanding models such as the ZEN, Victoria or Granada are ideal for this purpose.

Any of these 3 models and the rest of the collection, are multipurpose for gardens, terraces and around swimming pools.

ali grass express


Add to your order the essential accessories for installing artificial grass.
Artificial Grass Pets
Our latest collectionA special variety of grass.

Our artificial grass models for the Xtreme Gardens range have special geometries in the extrusion of their fibres for better surface performance. The artificial grass Zaragoza with a mixture of fibers in "S" and concave in addition to a super backing of polyurethane or the synthetic grass Valencia with fibers with concave 35mm high and matte finish.

Keep an eye out for news on this collection in 2019

Decorative Accessories
for Gardens and Terraces

Discover the latest in decorative accessories for your garden or terrace project with modern, sustainable and trendy materials.

Our Clients' Experiences and Testimonials


Time Management

Many of our customers prefer to spend their time playing with their children or doing sporting activities rather than spending time on garden maintenance.

Forget about endless lawn mowing and constant watering. Our artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort. Enjoy a perfect garden all year round with only minimal care.

A surface that can be used all year round

Having a surface that can be used all year round and that maintains the appearance of a natural garden is one of the main advantages that our clients see in this pavement.

We are committed to providing the highest quality artificial turf.

Our products are made of strong, durable materials that guarantee a realistic appearance and exceptional performance over time.

Economic Valuation

The early amortisation of artificial turf is a very profitable investment in many ways.

You save on water, energy and/or fuel consumption for garden maintenance, external maintenance fees, equipment repairs, irrigation, etc.

Astonishing Realism

Our artificial grass has been carefully designed to mimic the beauty and softness of natural grass.

Every detail, from colour to texture, has been created to provide an authentic look that will wow your guests.

Leisure & Security

An artificial turf surface is ideal for various uses by the children of the house.

They can use it as a playground, to practice some sports, to enjoy around the pool and have fun with friends.

In addition, this surface is much better attenuating to falls compared to other surfaces such as concrete floors or similar.

Safety is a priority for us. Our artificial grass provides a soft, cushioned surface, reducing the risk of injury from falls even further if you add cushioned bases to your installation.

In addition, its non-toxic and allergen-free material ensures the safety of your family and pets.

Renovate and/or fit out spaces

The artificial grass is a very versatile solution that has been used as one of the main resources to renew outdoor surfaces.

Likewise, this pavement has become an element that, with a small budget, can be used to fit out spaces and surfaces that are in poor condition.

Material for decorative use or landscaping

Lately we are observing a trend movement among decorators and architects who use this material to compose their approaches and decorative details.

For example, placing the artificial grass between tile steps or using it as a frame for boxes with arid and plants, zen gardens, flowerbeds etc.

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