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Integral Design and Construction of Gardens and Terraces
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Development of landscaping projects in Madrid with our models of artificial grass.

With our extensive experience in the installation and supply of high quality artificial grass, we have become leaders in the Community of Madrid.

We tell you what we can do with artificial grass madrid both in your garden and on your terrace.

Likewise, you can visit our social networks with examples of outstanding projects that we hope will inspire you.

We are always pleased to be able to share these examples of gardens, patios or terraces that we have created over the last few years using a special artificial grass model for each occasion.

In all of them, we have counted on the models of the best premium artificial grass available in our collection.

Extensive experience in the transformation of outdoor spaces

Decorative complements that you can add to the design of your garden.

Every space needs to be styled and adapted to the aesthetic and functional preferences of its owners.
  • Synthetic fences
  • Decorative Artificial Grass
  • Facade Coatings.
  • Synthetic trusses
  • Synthetic wicker.
  • Synthetic wood flower pots and planters.
  • Hedges and artificial plants.
  • Ecological sleepers treated in risk 4, the new walnut-coloured treated sleepers or treated slats in various formats.
  • An assortment of various landscaping stones as well as decorative sands.

If you are looking for professionals for your integral project of gardening and landscapingYou can count on our team because we can offer you several options.

Integral design of outdoor spaces with Artificial Turf

Either a new garden or redesign of an existing gardenWe value the different options to create an environment that integrates with the rest of the elements of your home.

You can choose from a minimalist design to a varied composition of ornamental vegetation, as well as different decorative elements.

For example, fountains, pergolas, bridges, ponds, planters designed and built on site, irrigation, lighting and many others.

We strive to create balanced and harmonious spaces that combine beauty and functionality, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor area.

We can transform your space into a place that reflects your unique style and personality.

Our goal is to create an outdoor space that is beautiful, durable and low maintenance, so you can enjoy it worry-free for many years to come.

Main Locations.

We carry out all the projects in gardens, terraces or neighbourhood communities with our professional installers all over the community of Madridespecially in the areas of:

  • Aravaca and Pozuelo de Alarcón,
  • Majadahonda and Las Rozas,
  • Torrelodones and Galapagar
  • Boadilla del Monte and Villaviciosa de Odón,
  • Villanueva del Pardillo and Villanueva de la Cañada,
  • Alcorcon and Mostoles,
  • Arroyomolinos and Navalcarnero,
  • Fuenlabrada, Leganés and Getafe,
  • Alcobendas and San Sebastián de los Reyes,
  • Paracuellos del Jarama
  • Madrid Capital.


One of these may be the ideal candidate to cover the surface of your garden or terrace.

Key Points:

  1. Effortless Aesthetics: Artificial grass offers a lush appearance all year round without the need for constant watering, mowing or fertilising. Its rich green colour and realistic texture add a fresh and relaxing touch to any environment.
  2. Low Maintenance: Forget about tedious lawn care tasks. With artificial grass, Madrid residents can enjoy their free time without worrying about constant watering, frequent mowing or fighting pests.
  3. Climate Resistance: Artificial grass is designed to withstand the climatic variations of Madrid. From summer heat to low winter temperatures, this turf will retain its lush appearance in all seasons.

Transform your Space with Elegance and Practicality

Our artificial grass in Madrid is much more than a landscaping solution.

It is both an aesthetic and functional element that can transform your outdoor spaces into a charming and comfortable retreat, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

Whether for residential gardens, playgrounds or commercial areas, artificial grass offers an elegant as well as practical alternative to enhance any environment.

It has been one of the best decisions we have made for our home.

Paloma Crespo

Why exemplary and sustainable gardens?

The philosophy of the exemplary and sustainable gardens aims to conserve resources as well as to protect the environment.

On the other hand, this type of pavement, offers a saving of time and money especially very valued in these times.

An exemplary ALLGrass garden also provides for a balanced environment and combines the natural and the synthetic in a harmonious way.

Therefore, the ALLGrass sustainable garden is conceived as durable, with low maintenance and limited use of resources to remain in good condition.

What does synthetic grass offer in your garden or terrace?

The artificial turf Madrid, is a surface that offers these features of convenience and comfort that you can get at ALLGrass Solutions.

We dedicate ourselves year after year to developing quality turf with the leaders in the industry to bring you the quality you see and the quality you don't see.

Main Characteristics

  • The product itself, its natural appearance and the feeling of comfort when you step on it or touch it.
  • Fully integrated manufacturing in Europe
  • Advanced processes in technology and selection of raw materials.
  • In addition, the production process is clean and hygienic as well as minimal manufacturing emissions.
  • Anti UV ray treatments on all products to obtain the duration adjusted to each model.
  • In the case of the new Magnum, anti-bacterial and anti-static treatments are also added.



  • Design and development with the green of the natural grass.
  • In addition, our offer includes pavements that are the best replica for your garden or terrace.
  • Among other things, we stand out for the alliances we have with local manufacturers.
  • All models are governed by European Labor and Industry Regulations that influence you directly and indirectly.


Do you know how long it takes to switch from natural to synthetic if you live in Madrid?

If you have never had a garden before and have chosen to lay natural grass, it is very likely that within 2 years you will finally decide to switch to artificial grass.

Common causes for this change to happen.

The "struggle" to have a natural lawn in good condition throughout the year is, in most cases, exhausting and without getting the expected results.

Similarly, extreme temperatures, soil type, increased water consumption, weeds and other threats, severely affect the state of natural grass in Madrid.

Types of applications

  1. Residential: From small gardens to large terraces, artificial grass is perfectly suited to residential spaces, providing a natural ambience without the hassle of conventional maintenance.
  2. Commercial: In hotels, restaurants and cafés, artificial grass adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor areas, attracting customers and creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Sport: There are already many sports clubs in Madrid that opt for artificial turf in football and paddle courts due to its durability and resistance, allowing a quality game in any weather.


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